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handfasting_usa's Journal

Handfasting, Marriage, Commitment - in the USA
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This is a brand new community, so bear with me! :)

Here you will find:
- Information about supply shops, online resources, etc...
- Discussion about Pagan rights, ceremonies, legal issues, etc...

Basic Rules (to be modified as we go):
- Be respectful
- Try to stay on topic
- Mods have final say on all issues
- Have fun!

Coming soon:
- More links
- More members
- A more detailed information page

Links to Official States Statutes for Marriages
*Corrections to the broken links in Links to Official States Statutes for Marriages above:
- Arizona
- Arkansas
- Connecticut
- Ohio
- Virginia
- North Dakota
- Michigan
- Georgia
- Illinois
- Nevada
- West Virginia
- New Mexico
- Michie (Michie hosts a number of state statutes including Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virgin Islands)
The Univeral Life Church - become a legally ordained minister for life, without cost, and without question of faith